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Do You Text and Drive? Don’t! Oprah’s No Phone Zone.

Friday, April 30th, 2010

She’s at it again! Friday morning Oprah was on every talk show pushing her pledge to have everyone stop texting, or using their cell phones in the car. Since this blog was originally posted, I’ve noticed more and more people driving and texting. The scariest was coming back from LA where everyone is driving at 80 MPH on the freeway, and texting!

  • Sign the no phone zone agreement
  • Stop using your cell phone in the car
  • Use a hands-free device or better still,  pull over to have a conversation
  • Don’t check your e-mail or text when you’re stuck in traffic or stopped at a light

Weeks ago, I was listening to the Oprah show, when she started talking about making her car, and every car in America, a no phone zone. That means (depending on your level of participation), no texting, only hands-free use, or just plain not using your phone while driving. Then she had her hands free to autograph a Chrysler…

I’m certainly down with no texting, and hands free in a car, but there are definitely times when having a cell phone in the car could be important, as my parents recent adventure being stuck by the side of the Mass Pike for almost an hour in the winter, with no cell phone proved. But the texting and driving thing, I don’t understand at all! How can you possibly think you can type and drive a car? If you think you can, besides the fact that you’re wrong, and there are too many deadly accidents to prove it, what is SO urgent, that you would put so many lives in danger?  And if it is that urgent, should you even be behind the wheel of a car?

Years ago when I bought a sports-car (yes, middle aged women do it too), I took a two day driving course at Skip Barber, the scariest part of it wasn’t doing 360′s on the skid pad, but in the classroom when the instructor told us that people’s driving skills peak at 5000 miles, and go downhill from there. When did you hit 5000 miles?

And if you’d like to sign Oprah’s  no phone pledge, click here.

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