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Holiday survival? Entertain yourself with holiday dinner bingo.

Monday, December 21st, 2009
Lost at holiday bingo again...

Lost at holiday bingo again...

When my friends and I used to go to Rancho La Puerta, the highlight of the week for everyone was bingo night, probably because there was unlimited popcorn for the participants. I still have the set of 5 papier mache napkin rings I won one night (and have always wondered if 5 is a significant number in Mexico). You may have also heard about meeting bingo where you track all the tired business cliches…”at the end of the day, teambuilding, thinking outside the box, metrics, etc”. And thanks to, course someone’s already figured out how to use this to teach you how to be a better manager…

The Cleveland Plains Dealer has a way to bring entertainment to Christmas dinner, or any family gathering. You mark down on a card every time you hear someone saying something really dumb, annoying, or just typical. On their site you  can download game boards, but why not create your own? And the prize can be whatever you were going to re-gift. For my family I’m created my own Holiday Bingo, knowing that some of the following will get you closer to “Bingo!”. If you’d like a copy of the cards, please comment on the blog & I’ll send them to you.

I’ve been overserved
This is delicious
Flatter the cook, ask for seconds
Who needs more champers?
It’s two buck Chuck
How long does the roast cook?
Very thin white bread
Save the wrappings

What about your family? What are the top holiday clichés from around your table?

Happy Holidays to all, and please check out the last Blogging Boomers Carnival of 2009.

I’m angry! Why do the Big 3 get bailout money, not entrepreneurs?

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Alright, so this isn’t exactly on message, but I’m angry. Yesterday the CEO’s of the Big 3 automakers went to Washington to beg for a bailout. And how did they get there? In three separate corporate jets. If you’re looking for a bailout, don’t you think a little cost cutting is in line? Flying cattle class should give you a better idea of how your customers live.

I’m angry because I’m trying to find $1 million in funding for It’s All About Aging. For all the news about bailouts, there has been little or no talk about funding and supporting small business. Small businesses create jobs, and because of their size, they can create them faster and get people back to work sooner than these huge corporations. Has AIG created any jobs after we gave them $150 billion? Do we think Ford, Chrysler or GM will do anything other than layoff more people? The crews of those jets probably have the most job security of anyone at the Big 3.

My previous company, Project Solvers, created jobs for hundreds of people, had millions of billable hours, and I’m ready to do the same with the new business. Like so many other women business owners, I’m fiscally responsible, pay my taxes, operate within a budget, and don’t buy what I can’t afford. I don’t even want a bailout, or a handout, I just want to get my new business funded.

And when my company is successful? Don’t need the corporate jets, I’ll just jump on the subway to the shoe floor at Saks.