Cane Fu fighting. Seniors drop Pilates for some cool moves with a cane?

It's All About Aging woman with a caneSeniors using their canes as weapons, a concept to make you smile, right? An article recently in the Wall Street Journal was all about “Cane Fu” and it turns out to be a great form of exercise as well as self defense. Senors are flocking to classes at senior centers and retirement communities, and Mark Shuey has developed Cane Masters to train them. While there’s always the danger that anything you use as a weapon can be taken and used against you, the element of surprise, is probably in a seniors favor.

Not surprisingly, if you do a search for Cane Fu, there’s a ton of information on the Internet, ranging from the very serious and scary, to the highly amusing. As much as I generally dislike, the Colbert Report, this recent video on Cane Fu, is pretty hilarious.

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According to the Huffington Post, “it isn’t an entirely new use for the cane. In ancient Rome and Egypt, canes were used as weapons. In the 13th century, swinging a cane before a member of royalty would assure your beheading. In the 17th century, canes required a permit.

“Things changed 200 or 300 years ago. You don’t want to take a cane to a gunfight, so the cane became a crutch and it’s been visualized as that for the last couple hundred years,” Shuey said. “Today when you carry a cane, they think you’re a gimp.”

So what do you think? Time to drop Pilates for Cane Fu?

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